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Software-Engineer. She/her.

At least for me.

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I used to love my job. It was everything I ever wanted: Interesting tasks, a good amount of responsibility, yet a lot of support, an amazing boss that I can be completely honest with, and, perhaps most importantly: wonderful colleagues.

And then there was COVID. Yeah. I now work alone from my computer and it is killing me. I want to hang out with my coworkers. I want to have in-person meetings. I know everybody claims that the work output hasn’t actually taken a hit but mine certainly has.

Last week, I went to the office for one day. It…

Because I’m feeling something.

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My most successful story is a story about coding. And I get it, it’s utilitarian, it creates value for people. I believe it’s a sensible piece about something that hasn’t excessively been written about and I stand behind it. However, I don’t burn for that story. As a matter of fact, I don’t burn for anything I’ve written for this platform. Because I tried to write for the platform, not for the readers, or myself. I was trying to fit in. To copy what I saw doing well.

I had an Excel sheet of about 100…

He already withdrew 40,000$ from the bank

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When you get calls from people that ask you for money, your first impulse should be suspicion. Even if you know, or think you know the people calling. Even if it’s supposedly urgent. And yes, especially if it’s supposedly a great financial opportunity. And even more especially if it’s all of the above.

My dad, let’s call him Jarvis, is a reasonable person. He doesn’t gamble. He seems immune to any kind of addiction. An emotionally very stable person. His weakness? He’s deeply loyal to his family.

So here goes Jarvis, minding his own business as a new retiree, probably…

I remember that as a teenager (14ish), I had an unexpected obsession with always carrying a knife. I carried it wherever. Once, somebody in class needed a knife for something, and yes, there I was, with my trusty Opinel knife. The teacher freaked because there was suddenly a knife, but I genuinely just wanted to help.

Another time, we were on a trip to London as a family. In Germany, knifes that can be locked are totally allowed, in England, however, you're not allowed to carry them. So at the tender age of 14, I was now taken into questioning…

Am I a bad feminist?

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I’m getting married in August. My fiancé and I have been together for almost 7 years. We have grown into adults with meaningful careers together since we met at 18.

Now that we are planning our wedding, we often speak about which traditions apply to us. We have open conversations about it, and we ditched many things that most couples do in their wedding (e.g. I won’t have my dad walk me down the aisle, we won’t have a wedding cake, we won’t stay apart until the day and he can see me in my dress before the wedding). On…

It’s so trivial it’s almost boring. But only for a minute.

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Getting into the habit of exercising has been a process for me. From not doing it at all to forcing myself to do it for weeks at a time and then rebounding to my life as a couch-potato I went to actually work out a couple of times a week. Voluntarily.

I didn’t really notice that by this I reached a goal that I set a couple of years back when I started my home workout journey. But looking back it is obvious that I did. I work out regularly and I don’t hate it. Yay me.

So if you’re…

The only way to make lasting meaningful change in your life.

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My relationship with self-help is on and off. Sometimes I want to read a lot of it because I find it genuinely helpful. Sometimes I find it annoying and shallow. That usually depends on whether or not I get the impression that it helps me solve a problem. Or that it helps me narrow down solutions. So whether self-help actually helps depends on how I approach it.

The same is true for any kind of change you are trying to make. Do you feel compelled to do the change by peer pressure? Did you get information that makes you reconsider…

Netflix is not the only thing you can enjoy together.

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No concerts. No dining out. No movies. No having friends over. All this paired with some serious zoom-fatigue leaves you with Netflix and wine. Unsurprisingly, for many of us this is a test of our love or even the end of it. Especially if the only place you have together is a tiny apartment.

So here are five ideas for Sunday afternoons or evenings during the week to mock a “date-night”.

#1 Fancy dinner

Order food or drive somewhere to get it. This can be a place where you would have a romantic night out otherwise, or you can go to a fancier…

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  1. Having a robot walk me down the aisle. Everyone can take that role by using VR glasses and taking the perspective of the robot.
  2. Having goldfish as party-favors to combat the loneliness epidemic and give everyone a quarantine buddy after this superspreader-event.
  3. Having AI write my vows because as we all know, AI does everything better than us. I’ll just feed it 6.5 years of text messages between me and my fiance. Here’s a draft of what I am expecting:
    Dearest Ben,
    I promise to always buy frozen pizza for you. Not the one with the pineapple. I promise to pick up…

I don’t mean to bum you out, but maybe I will.

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I’ve been writing on Medium since August. That’s not a long time, especially considering that I’ve written in two motivational bouts of about two weeks at a time, and nothing else but that. My Medium journey is on-and-off, and it will most likely stay that way.

One trend that I’ve seen is articles that tell you how much money the author made in a specific time period. E.g. “How I made 10.000$ in a month on Medium”. The subtitle is usually “And how you can, too.”

These articles are written with the best of intentions. Like all self-help articles, they…

Elsa Bloom

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